Drug and Alcohol Education

The counseling staff is available to provide referral assistance to any student seeking to resolve chemical dependency. Referrals are made to appropriate treatment facilities, agencies or self-help groups for students seeking treatment and rehabilitation. College counselors will assist with associated issues that may interfere with the attainment of academic goals. Assistance is confidential and will not jeopardize enrollment or legal status.

In addition, Atlantic Cape will provide students with seminars, workshops, conferences and personal awareness campaigns on the social, emotional, legal, and biological hazards of substance abuse and chemical dependency. A segment of scheduled instructional time will be used each semester to present information on substance abuse.

For information on AIDS or substance abuse, contact the health office, (609) 343-5112 or the counseling office (609) 343-5096

For more information please review the Student Program to Prevent Illicit Use of Drugs and Abuse of Alcohol.