Report A Concern

Student Code of Conduct violations are disciplinary behaviors including, but not limited to, classroom disruptions, alcohol, drugs, harassment, fights, damage/theft of property and/or any misconduct that violates Atlantic Cape’s policies outlined below. Student Code of Conduct violations will be investigated and sanctioned as warranted by the college.

Reference Policies: Policy No. 209 (Student Academic Conduct), Policy No. 211 (Student Abuse Program Appended)

Contact: Nancy Porfido, Judicial Officer, (609) 343-5095 or


Report Code of Conduct Violations

Interpersonal violence includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking behaviors and/or any misconduct that goes against college policy. Interpersonal violence may be a violation of Federal Title IX law. Our Title IX resource page provides additional information regarding these incidents.

Reference Policies: Policy No. 208 (Student Personal Conduct), Policy No. 210 Student Complaint, Policy No. 215 (Threatening and Violent Behavior Policy), Policy No. 216 (Cyber Harassment Policy), Policy No. 217 (Bullying)

Contact: Nancy Porfido, Judicial Officer, (609) 343-5095 or


Report Student Worrisome, Concerning, or Threatening Behaviors

If you have any questions or concerns with these processes, please contact Campus Security immediately.

Campus Phone Number Location
Mays Landing Campus Security (609) 343-5125 U Building
Cape May County Campus Security

(609) 463-6390 daytime

(609) 463-3967 evening

1st Floor Lobby
Worthington Atlantic City Center (609) 343-4841 1st Floor Lobby

IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING ACADEMICALLY, please visit our Center for Student Success, Academic Advising.