Faculty Governance & Committee

Faculty Governance

Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly of Atlantic Cape Community College concerns itself with academic matters and is advisory to the President of the college through the office of the Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs.

All full-time teaching faculty, full-time culinary educators, counselors, and librarians are voting members. 

The Faculty Assembly By-Laws stipulate all matters pertaining to the faculty governance and committee structure.

Faculty Committees

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Atlantic Cape employees may access annual committee charges, meeting minutes, and reports through the Faculty Committees shared folder.


  • To prepare agendas for the Faculty Assembly.
  • To make and process all charges to college committees in conjunction with the Vice President of Academic Affairs.
  • To report all recommendations of the Faculty Assembly to appropriate administrators.
  • To recommend to the President of the college through the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs on the appointment of faculty and staff to all college non-elected, standing committees.
  • To create and dissolve Faculty Assembly committees and appoint new members.
  • To review and recommend to the President of the college through the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs on the membership, function, and procedures of the college, elected and non-elected, standing committees.

View Faculty By-Laws for additional information on the election of and role of FAEC members. 

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Judith Otterburn-Martinez - CHAIR ESL & ML 5/26 (2nd term)
Effie Russell English & Speech 5/24
Rich Perello - SECRETARY Science 5/25
Bo Zilovic - VICE CHAIR BISAS 5/26
Heather Boone Social Science 5/26
Laurie Lemons Science 5/26


  • To promote awareness of and sensitivity to the identities and needs of all human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, and ability.
  • To suggest strategies that support an inclusive and culturally-sensitive classroom environment and college community.

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan Arts & Humanities 5/26 (2nd term)
Svetlana Marzelli BISAS 5/26 (2nd term)
Madeline Barrows - CHAIR Social Science 5/24
Annmarie Chelius ACA & Hospitality 5/25
Latoya Gibbons Counseling 5/25
Chernice Miller English & Speech 5/26
Otto Hernandez BISAS 5/25
Danielle Nicastro Nursing & Health Sciences 5/25
William Osler Math & Engineering 5/26
Christopher Carbone Science 5/26
Jill Agosto Nursing & Health Sciences 5/26
Cynthia Correa Director, Worthington Atlantic City Student Affairs and One Stop Services Advisory
Alonna Brown Director, EOF/Assistant Director, Center for Student Success Advisory


  • To develop, review, and advise on academic policies, procedures and standards.
  • To study and recommend methods of evaluation for hiring, retention, and promotion of faculty members and administrators.
  • To evaluate, review and assist in college publications (faculty handbook, college catalog, student handbook, faculty adviser's handbook) for accuracy and consistency in statements of college policy.
  • To concern itself with all questions pertaining to high academic standards and establishing criteria for grading standards, criteria for admission, evaluation of transfer credit, awarding of honors and academic probation.
  • To act as a review board for student academic appeals and students requesting review of academic status, modification of graduation requirements, readmission, and reevaluation of transfer of credit. Recommendations of action on these requests will be forwarded to the Deans.
  • To recommend new policies concerning the above stated responsibilities.

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Dean Wyks Social Science 5/26 (2nd term)
Hana Bajes - CHAIR Science 5/24
Dennis Jones Counseling 5/24
Geralyn Michelfelder Nursing & Health Sciences 5/24
Amy Shelton Math & Engineering 5/24
Jennie Field Arts & Humanities 5/24
Kenneth Cabarle Science 5/25
Loretta Dicker BISAS 5/25
Linda Wohlman ACA & Hospitality 5/25
Richard Russell English & Speech 5/25
Carolyn Coulter Social Science 5/26
Mike Sargente Assistant Director, LAC & Library Services Advisory
Robyn Berenato Registrar, Enrollment Services Advisory


  • To ensure and maintain integrity in the academic credit courses offered by Atlantic Cape Community College. This includes those on-campus, in hybrid environments, online, and those offered off-campus.
  • To review agreements, policies, courses of action, and delivery of dual credit, concurrent enrollment, and articulation agreements for courses offered to high school students. 
  • To explore methods of collaboration with high school administration and faculty.

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Joseph Sheridan ACA & Hospitality 5/26 (2nd term)
Bill Dougherty BISAS 5/24
Keith Forrest Arts & Humanities 5/24
Erin DeLong Nursing & Health Sciences 5/25
Lauree Klein Counseling 5/25
Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz - CO-CHAIR Social Science 5/25
Janet Marler - CO-CHAIR English & Speech 5/25
Claude Fortune Math & Engineering 5/26
Michele Togashi BISAS 5/26
John Stratton Science 5/26
Janet Hauge Director, Academic Support Services Advisory
Stacey Zacharoff Senior Director, Center for Student Success Advisory
Kayla Scannell Senior Manager, Early College Programs Advisory


  • To develop a college-wide assessment plan that reflects input from all academic departments.
  • To review recent reports submitted to Middle States and determine areas of college needs in terms of assessment.
  • To communicate regularly with all academic departments regarding yearly assessment process. Members shall periodically report to their respective departments about the committee's activities and progress and ask for comments and suggestions.
  • To review all assessments submitted by faculty.
  • To conduct a faculty workshop(s) on classroom assessment methods.
  • To keep apprised of current materials on outcomes assessment.

Assessment Site

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Donna Marie McElroy Social Science 5/26 (2nd Term)
Kathryn Frew English & Speech 5/24
Francis Toriello - VICE CHAIR Science 5/24
Lee Collins - CHAIR Math & Engineering 5/25 (2nd Term)
Deborah Dagrosa Nursing & Health Sciences 5/25
Anthony Esposito BISAS 5/25
Karl Giulian BISAS 5/25
Ruth LaTorre ACA & Hospitality 5/25
Susan DePhilippis ESL & ML 5/26
Augustine Nigro Arts & Humanities 5/26
Ashley Sullivan Social Science 5/26
Raymond Keller Science 5/26
Nina Brannigan Nursing & Health Sciences 5/26
Jay Peterson English & Speech
Luis Montefusco Senior Director, Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning Advisory
Gwen Setley Director, Academic Program Effectiveness Advisory


  • To recommend new policies and courses of action for dual enrollment courses delivered in high schools as needed.
  • To receive and review new and existing programs and courses, or changes thereto.
  • To review existing curricula and courses and to make such recommendations as seem appropriate.
  • To review and evaluate the number, descriptions, credit hours, contact hours and course prerequisites.
  • To make recommendations concerning general education. The General Education Subcommittee shall make all recommendations to the Curriculum committee regarding general education requirements and be responsible to review and evaluate the effectiveness of the general education program of the college.
  • To act as the sole faculty entity to monitor Atlantic Cape's overall general education program and courses regarding its identity and description, policies, procedures, and compliance requirements.
  • To forward compliance issues/needs to the sponsoring department for correction.

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
James Taggart BISAS 5/24
Michael DiCamillo - VICE CHAIR Library 5/24
Joanna Johns Nursing & Health Sciences 5/24
James Sacchinelli Science 5/24
Stephanie Natale-Boianelli English & Speech 5/26
Kathleen Piontkowski Counseling 5/25
Vincent Tedeschi ACA & Hospitality 5/25
Michelle Leacott Math & Engineering 5/26
Lisa Stein Social Science 5/26
Gwen McIntyre ESL & ML 5/26
Rita Michalenko Arts & Humanities 5/26
Tasha Rivera Director, One Stop Enrollment & Recruitment Advisory
Laura Campbell Manager, Curriculum & Publications Advisory
Rotating Dean, Academic Affairs Advisory


Procedures and Forms:

Only full-time faculty from academic areas and departments may submit proposals to the committee. Programs without full-time faculty may be represented by their dean or immediate supervisor with prior notice to the Curriculum committee. Submissions must be made on the appropriate forms.

All experimental courses must be approved by the committee. The Curriculum committee will not consider changing any experimental course to a permanent status until the course has been taught one full semester or session. An evaluation report must be filed with the committee within thirty (30) days after completion of the course. This report will be considered at the first meeting of the committee after receipt of the report.

Normally, an experimental course is taught only one semester. An experimental course may be taught for a subsequent semester under the following conditions:

  1. The course must have the approval of the department.
  2. The department must report such intention to the committee for approval before scheduling.

Programs offered at Atlantic Cape shall be responsive to the needs of the community's citizens, business and industry. They shall be established upon the basis of research and studies indicating that needs exist and shall be modified or discontinued as those needs change.

Academic departments may submit course proposals to the committee. Department review and approval by department faculty shall occur before the changes or proposals are submitted to the Curriculum committee. The person initiating the proposal must be present at the meeting.

If a new course is to be offered for only one semester, Form C, "New Course to be Offered One Time Only," must be completed and submitted to the Curriculum committee. The course may not be offered a second time without submission of Form A, "New Program, Certificate, Course or General Education Course," and the approval of the Curriculum committee.

Transmittal Forms:

Please email Laura Campbell for all Forms listed below or visit the Curriculum Forms shared folder on the Resources for Faculty webpage.

General Education Subcommittee

Functions & Procedures
  • To work as an ad hoc subcommittee of the Curriculum committee.
  • To act as the sole faculty entity to review and recommend general education course status for all new and/or existing Atlantic Cape Community College courses requesting such. Proposals that DO NOT meet established general education criteria will be returned to the sponsoring department with recommended changes for resubmission to the General Education Subcommittee. Proposals that DO meet established general education criteria will then be forwarded to the Curriculum committee as one part of its submission application for adoption.
  • To act as the sole faculty entity to monitor Atlantic Cape Community College's overall general education program and courses regarding its identity and description, policies, procedures, and compliance requirements.
  • To forward compliance issues/needs to the sponsoring department for correction.


  • To review technology proposals.
  • To make recommendations and represent faculty interests on all college-wide technology related committees.
  • To research new technologies and advise faculty and administration on issues related to technology.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of issues related to technology.

2023-2024 Membership

Name Department Term Expires
Vickie Melograno - CHAIR English & Speech 5/24 (2nd Term)
Leslie Murtha Library 5/24 (2nd Term)
Mike Bolicki Social Science 5/24
Neera Desai Math & Engineering 5/24
Jeanine DiNardo ACA & Hospitality 5/24
Najah Jones Counseling 5/24
Mark Camma BISAS 5/24
Huiching Wang Nursing & Health Sciences 5/25
Al Jou Math & Engineering 5/26
Lynette Ingram Counseling 5/26
Noelle Gaetano Nursing & Health Sciences 5/26
Tim Cwik BISAS 5/26
Caesar Niglio Enterprise Architect, Info Tech Services Advisory
Sandi Greco Senior Director, Project Management Advisory
Michelle Perkins Director, Instructional Technology Advisory
Jesse Kurtz Senior Manager, Digital Accessibility Advisory