Strategic Plan

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Goal 1: Engage

Ensure high quality and equitable student, employee, and community stakeholder experiences.

1.1 Increase student enrollment of both traditional and nontraditional populations.
1.2 Increase community awareness, brand recognition, and engagement.
1.3 Improve diversity, equity and inclusion outcomes as demonstrated in the Campus Climate Survey.
1.4 Increase the number of Workforce Development/Continuing Education students that transition to credit courses.
1.5 Increase student engagement in extracurricular activities, special programs, and support and success initiatives. 
1.6 Increase faculty and staff engagement in the community as demonstrated by serving on external boards, volunteering, and participating in professional organizations.


Goal 2: Support

Provide innovative services designed to bolster student progress and wellness that enhance the educational experience.

2.1 Increase economic support services for students that include expanded utilization of open-educational resources (OER) or other low-cost learning materials.
2.2 Expand scholarship awards and maintain competitive tuition and fees relative to the community college sector.
2.3 Leverage technology to identify and support special populations and expand utilization of academic support services.
2.4 Increase availability and utilization of emotional/social support services including advising/counseling and wellness programs.


Goal 3: Educate

Cultivate an innovative and inclusive climate for high quality learning across the college community responsive to both immediate challenges and long-term needs.

3.1 Increase the percentage of high school students in Atlantic and Cape May counties who have an opportunity to take college-level courses.
3.2 Decrease achievement gaps in course success for socioeconomically disadvantaged, first generation, and underrepresented populations.
3.3 Increase professional development opportunities to continue to implement "high impact" learning practices such as Writing-Intensive Courses, Honors and other research-informed practices.
3.4 Improve college Level English and mathematics course success rates.
3.5 Expand participation in professional development and educational opportunities to create career pathways for faculty and staff to ensure seamless succession planning.


Goal 4: Achieve

Eliminate barriers to increase academic, social and career goal attainment for all students.

4.1 Increase course success rates, persistence, and retention.
4.2 Increase graduation and transfer rates.
4.3 Increase retention and completion for socioeconomically disadvantaged, first generation, and underrepresented populations to minimize current achievement gaps.
4.4 Increase the number of participants completing certifications and certificates in non-credit career training programs.


Goal 5: Excel

Provide fiscal, physical, human, and technological resources that maximize efficiency while delivering innovative, responsive, and inclusive programs and services that foster excellence.

5.1 Maintain a balanced budget through the development of strategies that support revenue enhancement, cost containment, and cost avoidance.
5.2 Strengthen institutional effectiveness for continuous improvement through the evaluation of academic and non-academic units using a data driven approach.
5.3 Invest in academic and institutional innovative programs and services that foster student success and institutional effectiveness.
5.4 Support student, faculty, and staff well-being by expanding health and wellness initiatives in a secure and safe campus environment.
5.5 Foster facilities renewal, leverage technology across the institution, and promote efficient use of resources and practices to ensure a high-quality learning and working environment.


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