Report A Concern

Student Code of Conduct violations are disciplinary behaviors including, but not limited to, classroom disruptions, alcohol, drugs, harassment, fights, damage/theft of property and/or any misconduct that violates Atlantic Cape’s policies outlined below. Student Code of Conduct violations will be investigated and sanctioned as warranted by the college.

Reference Policies: Policy No. 209 (Student Academic Conduct), Policy No. 211 (Student Abuse Program Appended)

Contact: Nancy Porfido, Judicial Officer, 609-343-5095 or



Interpersonal violence includes sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, stalking behaviors and/or any misconduct that goes against college policy. Interpersonal violence may be a violation of Federal Title IX law. Our Title IX resource page provides additional information regarding these incidents.

Reference Policies: Policy No. 208 (Student Personal Conduct), Policy No. 210 Student Complaint, Policy No. 215 (Threatening and Violent Behavior Policy), Policy No. 216 (Cyber Harassment Policy), Policy No. 217 (Bullying)

Contact: Nancy Porfido, Judicial Officer, (609) 343-5095 or

Title Ix Contacts: 

Atlantic City - Cynthia Correa, Title IX Coordinator, (609) 343-4897 or

Cape May – Dr. Tammy DeFranco, (609) 463-8113, or



If you have any questions or concerns with these processes, please contact Campus Security immediately.

Campus Phone Number Location
Mays Landing Campus Security (609) 343 - 5125 U Building
Cape May County Campus Security

(609) 463 - 6390 daytime

(609) 463 - 3967 evening

1st Floor Lobby
Worthington Atlantic City Center (609) 343 - 4841 1st Floor Lobby

IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING ACADEMICALLY, please visit our Center for Student Success, Academic Advising (link to Academic Advising)