Student Leadership Programs

Student leadership is an important part of the college experience. Leadership helps develop skills to be used during your time at Atlantic Cape, at your transfer institution, in your future employment and within your community. In addition to programs within the Student Government Association and Student Clubs, the Counseling and Support Services area offers additional opportunities for entering freshmen and current students to engage in leadership activities.

Peer Leaders Program

The Office of Counseling and Support Services aspires to enhance student leadership and student involvement through a peer leadership program. Our mission is to create a welcoming environment for all of our students through unique peer relationships.

Through these endeavors this program will ultimately increase first year student retention rates as well as enhance their willingness to excel in the academic and student leadership arena. The mentor/mentee relationship contributes to the overall success of students at Atlantic Cape Community College.

Men of Atlantic Cape (MAC) 

The Men of Atlantic Cape (MAC) retention program promotes the advancement of Black & Latino male students. Our goal is to create a community where students can support one another, share experiences, and network. The MAC program seeks to enhance qualities for becoming model citizens and leaders of our communities after graduation.

We champion self-motivation, determination, and leadership skills while providing our members access to mentorships, academic advising, award recognition, and more.

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