Policy No. 210

Adopted: 04/23/96
Revisions Approved: 1/26/10, 09/26/17

Description: Student Complaint

Atlantic Cape Community College is committed to providing an educational environment that encourages students to attain their educational goals. Consistent with that commitment, Atlantic Cape is dedicated to the goals of fairness in all of its procedures and practices.  If a student perceives that he or she is the victim of unjust practices, Atlantic Cape has developed procedures for students to pursue complaints within the college community. A student who has an unresolved disagreement that falls under the jurisdiction of the College has the right to file a written complaint without prejudicing his or her status with the College.


A complaint involves a concern, problem or issue other than those listed below*.  Complaints may be academic or nonacademic.
  • An academic complaint may be brought by a student regarding the College's provision of education and academic services affecting his/her role as a student. Academic complaints can include but are not limited to course content, course delivery, or instructor related matters.
  • A nonacademic complaint may be brought by a student regarding a disagreement or unresolved dissatisfaction with a staff member (non-faculty), another student, student group or administrator. Nonacademic complaints can include but are not limited to facilities or safety.

* The following are not considered student complaints under the scope of this policy, but may be directed as follows:


Student Complaint-Process for Filing a Complaint No. 210.1
Student Compliant-Evaluation of Complaint Logs and Process for Improvements and Modifications No. 210.2


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