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Infant/Toddler Credential

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The NJ Infant/Toddler Professional series (credential) is intended for use by professionals and paraprofessionals working in the field of infant/toddler care in all settings, including center-based care, family childcare programs and community-based programs that support infants, toddlers, and their families.  The credentialing process will include 15 college credits, and a portfolio that is assessed by the NJ Coalition of Infant/Toddler Educators (CITE).

For more information contact Lisa Stein or call (609) 343-4960.  

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Recognize the critical importance of child development, including all developmental domains, from conception to age three years;
  • Identify appropriate policies and practices which protect the health and safety of infants and toddlers in group child care settings;
  • Explain the connection between social/emotional and mental health of infants and toddlers to overall child development and the development of relationships with others;
  • Identify quality indicators (environment, curriculum, guidance strategies, etc.) in early childhood settings for infants and toddlers;
  • Explain the importance of building strong relationships between teachers and families of infants and toddlers;
  • Recognize the importance of the family on the child and their development. 
This is a table of program requirements
Courses Credits
CDCC103-Roles of the Early Childhood Professional
CDCC104-Infant/Toddler Development: Theory and Applications
CDCC105-Early Childhood Health, Safety and Special Needs
CDCC106-Early Childhood Social/Emotional Guidance
CDCC250-Infant/Toddler Practicum