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Rutgers at Atlantic Cape

Rutgers University has a dedicated building on the Atlantic Cape Community College’s Mays Landing Campus so that students can take Rutgers classes closer to home. This program allows Atlantic Cape students the opportunity to complete their associate’s degree at Atlantic Cape and then go on to obtain their bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University. This is a streamlined process in which both Atlantic Cape and Rutgers work together to make it easy for students to apply and transfer credits.

Start at Atlantic Cape, Finish with a Bachelor’s Degree from Rutgers

Our partnership with Rutgers has been designed in such a way that students can choose from a number of majors to start a degree at Atlantic Cape and have those credits be directly transferred into the foundation coursework for their bachelor's degree from Rutgers. By starting at Atlantic Cape and finishing your degree at Rutgers, students can see a significant cost savings over going the traditional route. AND, merit based scholarships are available to Atlantic Cape students who choose to pursue their degrees at Rutgers after graduation.

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Programs Offered from Rutgers at Atlantic Cape

Once you have obtained your associate’s degree from Atlantic Cape, your potential is limitless, choose to continue on and get a bachelor’s degree in a related field or study something new. Not an Atlantic Cape graduate? You are still eligible to take classes at this Rutgers facilities if you have an associate’s degree from a different accredited community college. Take advantage of our small class size, personalized attention, and easy to access facilities to get the same world-renowned education, closer to home.

Business: Bachelor of Arts Business Administration

Criminal Justice: Bachelor of Arts Criminal Justice

Health Administration: Bachelor's of Science Health Administration

Health Sciences: Bachelor's of Art Health Sciences

Labor & Employment Relations: Bachelor of Science in Labor & Employment Relations

Liberal Studies: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

Nursing: RN to BS Nursing

Political Science: Bachelors of Art Political Science

Psychology: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Public Health: Bachelor of Science Public Health

Social Work: Bachelor of Arts in Social Work / Master of Social Work (MSW) for Professionals

About the program

The Rutgers University Statewide undergraduate degree completion program provides students who have earned an Associate Degree from an accredited community college, or approximately 60 or more credits, the opportunity to pursue a Rutgers University bachelor degree.

Off campus students receive the same Rutgers courses, faculty and diploma as those students who attend on the main campuses, and are encouraged to participate in the university commencement ceremonies.

Students can transfer with junior status to complete their degree at Rutgers. Those interested in pursuing graduate studies must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university.

All students who wish to pursue a Rutgers degree at an off campus location must meet all the admissions criteria of the university.

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Jason Jankowski
Manager of Academic Programs, Rutgers at Atlantic Cape
(609) 837-2910
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