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Students shine at 15th annual Communication Awards at Atlantic Cape

05/03/2022 | Media Contact: Claire Sylvester | (609) 343-4933
From left are Julia Train (Communication Major of the Year runner-up 2021-2022), Chloe Cramutola (Communication Major of the Year runner-up 2022-2023), Bobby Prince (Communication Major of the Year 2022-2023), and Aylin Alvarez-Santiago (Communication Major of the Year 2021-2022) at the 15th annual Communication Awards, hosted by the Communication Department at Atlantic Cape Community College, Friday, April 29 at the Walter Edge Theatre on the Mays Landing campus.

With all the glitz and glam of a televised awards show, the students in the Communication program at Atlantic Cape Community College were recognized for their efforts in spring and fall 2021 during the 15th annual Communication Awards.

During the event, held Friday, April 29 in the Walter Edge Theatre on the Mays Landing campus, 100 awards in more than 40 categories including journalism, public relations, public speaking, performing arts, film and television were presented to students, alumni and faculty.

The event featured student-produced videos and performances by four Communication Major of the Year nominees: Cameron Main of Mays Landing, Chloe Cramutola of Hammonton, Bobby Prince of Mays Landing, and Anthony Coccaro of Williamstown.

Jess Mounce and Kyle Schachner, 2016 Atlantic Cape graduates who met at the college and are now engaged, hosted the awards. 

This year’s Communication Major of the Year award, as selected by the audience during the show, was presented to Bobby Prince.

Jenna DeLucca, ’17, an adjunct professor of communication, was honored as Communication Alumni of the Year and Taylor Henry, ‘16, an adjunct professor of communication and president of the Wildwood Historical Society, received the Alumni Professional Achievement Award.

The full list of award winners is as follows:

Best Fiction - Gabrielle Sangataldo, Myphuong Nguyen, Jay Corbin

Best Poetry - Ludovico Menegon, Kyli Wolfson

Best Play - Soleil Yakita

Public Speaking Achievement - Soleil Yakita

Rewrites - Samantha Harken

Best Interpersonal Group Project - Sheila Jiminez, Sophia Fagan, Zoe Greblunas

Best Interpersonal Achievement - Zoe Greblunas, Andrew Freeto, Josephine D'Anna

Best Feature Story - Paul Garraty

Best Reporting - Tabitha Taylor

Atlantic Cape Review - Tabitha Taylor

Most Creative P.R. Practitioner - Avery Brown

Best Press Release - Kayla Corson, Ashia Reid, Tabitha Taylor

Best P.R. Group - Sabastian Mottola, Jessica White, David Pacheco-Ruiz, Maximus Baruti, Ashia Reid, Tabitha Taylor, Julia Conner

Best P.R. Practitioner - Jessica White, David Pacheco-Ruiz, Tabitha Taylor

Best TV History Paper - David Pacheco-Ruiz

Most Authentic Voice - Brianna Torres

Most Imaginative Writing - Rebecca Reade 

Best Informative Speech - Madeline Murillo, Brianna Thomas, Grace Rivera, Alessia Ross-Terrigino

Best Persuasive Speech - Brianna Thomas, Alexis Cabrera, Michelle Thieu Ruby Taylor Oscar Sanchez Kyleigh Robertson

Public Speaking Achievement - Alexis Cabrera

Best Mass Media Project - Cameron Main, Libby Little, Kirby Delgado, Israel Reyes, Frank Moreta

Best Pop Music Project - Frank Moreta, Michael Bautista

Best Mass Media Achievement - Chloe Cramutola

Best Mass Media Paper - Chloe Cramutola

Best Film History Paper - Chloe Cramutola

Best Theatre Essay - Daniel Loper, Deanne DeClementi, Julianna Lovett Roche, Micaela R Kelly

Radio Club - Ethan Kresch

Media Productions Club - Riley Murray

Best Pop Music Achievement - Julia Conner

Best Pop Music Paper - Julia Conner

Best Film History Group - Aylin Alvarez, Bobby Prince, Rachael Lewis, Elijah Redmond, Charlene Maycott

PR Achievement - Charlene Maycott

Best Film History Achievement - Robert Blasczyk

Alumni of the Year - Jenna DeLuca

Alumni Professional Achievement - Taylor Henry

Faculty Pioneer - Stacey Gerst, Hammonton

Unsung Hero - Jesus Delvale

Mentoring Award - Laura De Blois, Lena Lintner, Alessia Ross-Terrigino, Michael Bautista, Tabitha Taylor, Rachel Dougherty, Devan Freas, Aylin Alvarez, Julia Train

Senior Mentoring Award - John Maggio, Katie Weightman

Student Pioneer - Tabitha Taylor, Charlene Maycott, Kayla Corson

Communication Awards Club - Kayla Corson

JS Volunteer Service Award - Julia Train

Outstanding Academic Achievement - Tabitha Taylor

Communication Major of the Year - Bobby Prince, runner-up is Chloe Cramutola