Planned Giving

Planned Giving strategies include easy methods for directing the future of your estate and ensuring the execution of your wishes after your death. Many planned giving instruments such as bequests cost donors nothing during their lifetime. Other planned giving vehicles such as life insurance allow donors to make a small investment during their lifetime and provide the charity with a significantly larger gift through their estate.

Planned gifts can be directed to a wide variety of programs and projects at Atlantic Cape Community College. The Atlantic Cape Foundation can help you determine which giving opportunity best supports your vision for the future. Your tax and legal professionals can provide you with the advice you will need to determine which method is the most suitable for your financial situation.

Ways to Include Atlantic Cape Community College in Your Estate Planning:

Making a commitment now ensures future students will reap the benefits of your generosity. You can make a deferred gift to Atlantic Cape Community College when you include specific language in your will naming the Atlantic Cape Foundation as a recipient of your planned gift. Your will can include gifts of property (cash, securities, and personal property), a percentage of your estate; or the remainder of your estate after all other bequests have been filled. Your attorney can help you plan a bequest that best suits your needs.

There are two ways you can give a life insurance policy to Atlantic Cape Community College. You can make the Atlantic Cape Foundation either the beneficiary or the owner of the policy. If your family responsibilities are not as substantial as they once were, then your gift of an insurance policy that is paid up or partially paid up may be beneficial. Consult your life insurance agent for more details on the various types of insurance gifts you can make to Atlantic Cape Foundation.

Naming Atlantic Cape Foundation as a beneficiary for a portion of your retirement savings is another way to make a charitable contribution to the College. The administrator of your IRA, profit-sharing account, or other retirement plan should be able to help you with this.

The Atlantic Cape Legacy Society honors donors that share our vision to create regionally based educational opportunities and whose planned gifts will make a difference for future generations of Atlantic Cape students. The Legacy Society is composed of donors who have decided to make a lasting impact on the college and its future students by naming Atlantic Cape Foundation as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift.

Joining the Legacy Society is easy. All you have to do is make the Atlantic Cape Foundation a beneficiary in your will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan or other estate planning vehicle. Membership in the Legacy Society is automatically conferred once we are advised of your intentions to include the Atlantic Cape Foundation in your estate plans. We encourage Legacy Society members to discuss their gifts with us to make sure we comply with your wishes. The information you share with us will be held in confidential files and may be revised at any time by contacting the Resource Development office.

With the donor's permission, members of the Legacy Society will be recognized in our publications and on our website. Members will also receive invitations to participate in exclusive college events and activities. Additionally, donors that make irrevocable planned gifts for endowments will also be acknowledged on permanent commemorative displays in prominent campus locations.


For more information about gifts, planned giving opportunities and other ways to support Atlantic Cape Foundation, please email Maria Kellett, Associate Dean of Resource Development and call (609) 463-3670.

Did you know? All gifts receive a written acknowledgement from the Foundation, and most gifts are fully tax deductible.

Thank you for considering a planned gift in support of Atlantic Cape.