Nursing Alumni Council

About the Nursing Alumni Council

The Nursing Alumni Council (NAC) was formed by graduates of the Nursing degree program in October 2019.  This organization serves to unite the alumni of the Atlantic Cape Community College Nursing Program; to promote understanding among students, faculty and alumni in their various professions; to utilize alumni skills and resources to strengthen the program’s union; to advise current Nursing students; and advise potential students in their decision to enroll at Atlantic Cape Community College.

The NAC is open to all Atlantic Cape Nursing Alumni as well as any other individuals with a connection to the purpose of NAC.  For more information or to get involved, please contact Erin DeLong, Assistant Professor of Nursing & Health Sciences, at or (609) 625-111, ext. 5411.

Nursing Alumni Scholarship

Please consider making a donation to support the Nursing Alumni Scholarship!  This scholarship will be awarded to current Nursing program students.  From the drop down menu, please select, "Nursing Alumni Scholarship."  Thank you for your support!