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Professional Series Programs

The Business Professional Series includes courses in a subject area that will provide students with entry level skills for specific jobs. Upon completion of a series, students receive a letter of recognition from Atlantic Cape. These courses can be taken on a part-time basis in the day or evening. All credits earned through these programs are applicable toward an associate degree in a related subject area.


Accountants perform a vital role in the business world. Before managers can make important decisions, they need accurate, up-to-date financial information. Accountants prepare, analyze and verify financial information, making their services essential to business, industry and government organizations.

The Computerized Accounting Specialist Professional Series provides a solid foundation in accounting. Students will learn the correct accounting procedures, accounting terminology and proper organization of accounting records.

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Business Administration

A business career offers flexibility and versatility. You can enter a wide range of jobs in government and private industry. A degree in Business Administration prepares you for today's business challenges and constantly changing political and economic conditions. Atlantic Cape's programs stress written and oral communication skills, problem analysis, and the application of quantitative methods to guide decision making. It provides you with knowledge in the areas of Management, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Computers and Economics.

Atlantic Cape graduates go on to a diverse spectrum of employers including casino hotels, utilities, banks, insurance companies, retail operations, educational institutions and manufacturing. Atlantic Cape offers two business degrees. The Associate in Science (A.S.) degree is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four year college. The Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S...) degree is designed for students who wish to enter the workforce upon graduation.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program is dedicated to providing the theoretical, practical and professional knowledge needed in today's environment to be successful in the fields of policing, corrections, courts, probation, parole, private security and related careers. Emphasis is placed upon preparing the student to enter the professional workplace or continue studies in a four-year institution.

The curriculum is designed to provide the student with expert instruction on the most current trends, policies and practices in the field. Atlantic Cape has recruited faculty who are professionals in their respective fields within the criminal justice system. All of the criminal justice faculty are either active or retired criminal justice professionals who have both the academic credentials and the professional experience to ensure a well-rounded educational experience. This ensures that you will be taught by instructors who have actually practiced "in the real world" what you are learning in the classroom.

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Paralegal Studies

The Atlantic Cape Paralegal Studies Program is approved by the American Bar Association. The college is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education. Opportunities for paralegals are expanding rapidly. Recent employment surveys call the profession the fastest growing in the United States. Paralegals or Legal Assistants help attorneys with many important phases of legal work. Under the supervision of attorneys, legal assistants research, analyze information, interview clients and prepare reports and litigation documents.

 The Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree is suggested for the student who desires to enter the paralegal profession upon completion of the degree. Both degrees provide general education courses, introductory courses in the paralegal profession as well as courses giving specific skills. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of legal research and writing, fact investigation, client contact, document preparation, litigation preparation including tools of discovery, computer literacy, real estate transactions, family law issues, torts, and personal injury issues. All students are required to work in the field through a three-credit course.

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Hospitality Management

An increase in business travel as well as a rise in foreign and domestic tourism has created tremendous opportunities for people with college degrees in hotel and restaurant management. Nationwide and locally, the hospitality industry is booming. To meet the demand for professionals in the field, Atlantic Cape has designed a degree program allowing students to learn all facets of hotel management and also take business administration courses. Students can complete the Hospitality Management program on a part-time basis, and students who want quick entry into the field can take courses in the Hotel Guest Specialist and/or Hospitality Office Specialist professional series. A degree in Hospitality Management can lead to a variety of hotel positions including executive housekeeper, sales manager, reservation manager, food and beverage supervisor and general manager.

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Transfer Information

Many business majors are interested in transferring a degree or credits to four year colleges. Atlantic Cape has information on degree programs at colleges most popular to our students. Click on Transfer information and Articulation Agreements for more information on transfer requirements.