English as a Second Language

Students in class

Students whose native language is not English will be required to take the Oxford Online ESL Placement Test. The test has a Use of English and a Listening section. Students are also required to write an essay.

Exemptions include TOEFL scores of at least 480 PBT, 157 CBT, 54 iBT, IELTS overall band score of 5.5, old SAT Critical Reading score of 540, or new redesigned SAT (beginning March 2016) Reading score of 29.

Test scores are valid for one year. Students who are absent from the college for a period of more than 12 months must retake the Oxford Online ESL Placement Test to reevaluate students' skills. For exceptional circumstances, students may inquire about retesting through the Testing Office.

Scheduling the Test

Call the Testing Office nearest you to schedule an appointment:

  • Mays Landing - (609) 625-1111, ext. 5449
  • Atlantic City - (609) 343-4831
  • Cape May County - (609) 463-4774, ext. 3775

ESL Courses

Atlantic Cape offers different levels of ESL courses. Check the list below to find out which one best meets your needs.

College ESL Program Adult Education ESL
Intensive multi-level college credit courses focused on reading, writing, listening, speaking and knowledge of American culture Elementary-level program designed for students with little to no knowledge of English
Courses are offered primarily at the Worthington Atlantic City Center Campus, with some advanced courses offered at the Mays Landing Campus; morning, afternoon, and evening classes Program is offered exclusively at the Worthington Atlantic City Center Campus; morning, afternoon, and evening classes
Registration fee of $15
After completing the College ESL Program, student take an Exit Exam to determine their placement into college courses within their degree program Upon completing the Adult Education ESL Program, students may decide to pursue the College ESL program to enhance their English language skills

For more information

For additional information about the College's ESL program, please call (609) 343-5081 or send an e-mail to dalicea@atlantic.edu. To learn about the Adult Education ESL program, please call (609) 343-4713.