Special Admission Programs

High School Student Admission Programs

Students outside

Atlantic Cape offers the opportunity for selected high school students, who have completed at least their first year of high school, to attend credit courses on a part-time basis as an undeclared student. Please visit our High School Student Admission Programs page for information about different program opportunities.

Approved Home School Programs

Home-schooled students may seek admission to Atlantic Cape before they complete their high school requirements, and may attend on a non-matriculated part-time basis. Students who are sixteen or seventeen years of age may be admitted with a parent or guardian's signature in place of the principal/high school guidance counselor, if permission from the local school district is not readily available. Students who are not yet sixteen will additionally be required to meet with the Director of Admissions & College Recruitment for a pre-admission interview. For additional information about Atlantic Cape's home school policies, please visit our Admission Procedures for Home Schooled Students page.

Advanced Placement

Atlantic Cape awards transfer credit up to a maximum of 32 credits, including credit awarded for Advanced Placement tests taken in high school, when a score of 3 or higher is earned. Students must present Advanced Placement scores to the Admissions Office along with the Transfer Credit Evaluation Form. Please contact the Admissions Office for additional information by phone at (609) 343-5000 or email at admissions@atlantic.edu.

Project Second Chance

The NJ Department of Education offers those without a high school diploma the opportunity to earn one, while taking college level courses. You must be at least 18 years of age. Once accepted to the Project Second Chance program, you must complete a required course of study including 30 college credits, with 15 in a chosen major. You then must pass the High School Proficiency Test in order to apply to the State for your high school diploma.

International Students

Atlantic Cape is authorized to offer admission to international students seeking an F-1 or M-1 student visa for entry into the United States. These students must meet additional admission criteria to be accepted to the College. Atlantic Cape also welcomes students holding other visa types, with no intention of pursuing an F-1 or M-1 visa, to apply for admission by following the general college admission requirements. Tuition for international students and other visa holders is calculated at the out-of-state tuition rate for the first 24 credits (excluding online course credits) and then calculated at the in-county rate thereafter. Additional information regarding international student admission is available from the Admissions Office.


SAGES admission (Senior Adult Gaining Education & Stimulation) available to Atlantic and Cape May County residents aged 60 years or older. SAGES may enroll tuition-free on a space available basis on the last day of open registration. All other fees and costs for books and supplies still apply.

Unemployed Residents

Unemployed residents of Atlantic and Cape May County are encouraged to learn about degree and career training programs offered at Atlantic Cape.  Information about program offerings is available from the Admissions Office or the local county One-Stop Career Center.