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Two full-time faculty members from each department; if possible, one counselor/librarian. No department chairs shall serve on the Assessment Committee.


Dean of STEM, Assistant Director of Student Support Services, Director of Institutional Resources & Planning & Assessment


  • To develop a college-wide assessment plan that reflects input from all academic departments.

  • To review recent reports submitted to Middle States and determine areas of college needs in terms of assessment.

  • To communicate regularly with all academic departments regarding yearly assessment process, members shall periodically report to their respective departments about the committee's activities and progress and ask for comments and suggestions.

  • To review all assessments submitted by faculty.

  • To conduct a faculty workshop(s) on classroom assessment methods.

  • To keep apprised of current materials on outcomes assessment.


This committee shall prepare an assessment plan for the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. This committee shall report to the FAEC, the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, and Division Deans.

Committee Charges

Meeting Minutes (March 2006 - Present)


This Committee shall prepare an Assessment Plan for the Chief Academic Officer. The committee shall report to the FAEC, the Chief Academic Officer, and the Dean of Instruction.

Mid-Year and Final Reports (2007-Present)

2015 - 2016 Accomplishments and Activities

  • September 2015:  Members of the Assessment Committee coordinated and directed an Assessment Workshop for staff on Faculty Development Day .
  • December 2015:  Elmer Godeny and Jolie Master attended the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Annual Conference in Washington, DC
  • December 2015:  Biennial Assessment Survey conducted to gather input to analyze, update, and improve Atlantic Cape Community College assessment processes. Results to be posted to this site when completed.

FACULTY Membership

Faculty Member

Faculty Department

Daniel Matt
Linda Wohlman

Academy of Culinary Arts

Keith Forrest
Ron McArthur

Arts and Humanities

Dennis Jones


Loretta Dicker
Jim Taggart

Information Systems & Aviation Studies

Leila Crawford


Judith Otterburn-Martinez


Claude Fortune
Jed Soifer


Denise Petro
Lori Monzo

Nursing and Allied Health

Karl Giulian
Bill Lemons

Professional Studies

John Stratton (Secretary)


Curtis Andrews
Beth Sanders-Rabinowitz (Chair)

Social Science

Membership - Voting: One full-time faculty member from each department, one Counselor or Librarian.

ADVISORY Membership 2018-2019

Faculty Member

Faculty Department

Ravi Manimaran

Dean, STEM Programs

Luis Montefusco

Director, Institutional Planning and Assessment

Vanessa O'Brien-McMasters

Dean, IR, Planning and Effectiveness

Stacey Zacharoff

Assistant Director, Student Support Services

Advisory: Other areas as required.